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Manage your Streets!

Do you have what it takes to control the world’s most chaotic intersections? Swiss Pedestrian Associations and FEINHEIT Kreativ Studio have created the craziest traffic game ever – “Meet the Street”! Now available to download for free!

There’s always something going on at crosswalks. It’s where children playing and seniors with canes meet trucks, trams and speeding police cars. In “Meet the Street”, you control all traffic activities. It’s up to you to bring more than 20 types of pedestrians safely across the street and drive a variety of vehicles. You have it in your power to prevent big crashes. The game features exciting levels, from quiet countryside roads to small towns and wild metropolises.

Safely underway

Pedestrians don’t wear protective body armor. Every day, people are hit, injured or even killed in traffic accidents at crosswalks. “Meet the Street” teaches traffic safety beyond rules by sharing valuable experience in an entertaining way.


Unlike the popular computer game “Grand Theft Auto”, no points are given in “Meet the Street” when pedestrians are ruthlessly run over. “Meet the Street” rewards players when collisions are avoided and pedestrians safely reach their destination. From a bird’s eye view, the player takes on the role of passerby and drivers, making real-time decisions on who has the right of way in chaotic traffic situations. How do children playing, teenagers listening to music or seniors with canes react to charging vehicles? As an educational game with a quiz about traffic, “Meet the Street” imparts practical knowledge about traffic situations and promotes appropriate behavior in an entertaining manner.

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